soccer player dribbling soccer ballWith the arrival of another school year brings the start of another sports season. Unfortunately, this means sports injuries are back in season as well. Perhaps the most common of sports injuries are sprained ankles, as just about anybody who’s ever participated in organized sports could attest to this.

Sprained ankles typically occur when you land awkwardly on the side of your feet, in turn tearing the tissue that surrounds your ankle bone. This will then result in inflammation surrounding the bottom of your feet up to above your ankles. In more severe cases, bruising will develop anywhere from the feet up to the mid-calf.

In most cases, sprained ankles are excruciatingly painful, while at the same time, relatively non-serious. However, they may still result in your child being sidelined for an extended period of time if the pain persists. Even pro athletes are out with sprained ankles all the time, despite their state-of-the-art equipment and professional medical staff. While you could tape your ankles or wear high-topped shoes, sprained ankles are just one of those inevitable injuries that every athlete experiences.

Fortunately for Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville residents, we at American Family Care – Jacksonville are here for sprained ankle treatment and diagnosis. If you believe you or your child has suffered a sprained ankle, our team of medical professionals can administer a medical evaluation to diagnose the sprained ankle. In some cases, our team may even provide an x-ray examination to better determine the severity of the sprain.

We can then provide a splint to help stabilize the ankle, which should expedite the healing process. In severe cases, we may even prescribe medication to help limit the inflammation or ease the pain. For walk-in sprained ankle treatment, visit us at American Family Care, as we’re open 7 days a week – with no appointment necessary. For more information, call us at 904.221.9110.