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“Visit was great and the doctor’s and nurse’s were excellent.” (3/26/2015)

“I have had several great experiences at American Family Care, and I have recommended it to friends and associates. Very comprehensive service with very nice staff.” (3/26/2015)

“The doctor listened carefully and exhibited great concern over my health situation. He was unhurried, thorough and thoughtful…and very pleasant to work with. His nurse followed up with me the next day to check on my status/improvement. Thanks much for all!” (3/26/2015)

“Fast and friendly” (3/26/2015)

“I needed a physical for extracurricular activities in my school right away as the deadline was coming close, and my mom mentioned American Family Care saying that the waiting time isn’t too long compared to other clinics like Carespot. Staff was friendly, and the doctor emphasized that I needed to get my vision checked. Very good service.” (3/25/2015)

“I am a registered nurse the staff was extremely professional and the doctor very kind when I declined sutures and asked for butterfly dressing instead it was a minor laceration very impressed with all the services.” (3/25/2015)

“ They were so kind and caring and have called to follow up. I am going back when I feel well to take them some cookies & thank them for their kindness . Will always go back there when ill.” (3/25/2015)

“This location was about to close for the day and took me in anyway. I call that over and beyond the call of duty and gave me wonderful customer service.” (3/25/2015)

“Great experience!” (3/25/2015)

“Every time I I have had the need to use American Family Care was a wonderful experience –.The Doctors -Nurse & staff were a great team So Knowledgeable -Respectful- & Kind.- What I appreciated was they Listen to what You have to say & not try & rush you out the office to get to their next patient..It is nice to have the convenience of your American Family Care available in my location.  I recommended American Family Care to all my family members – They agree along with myself – Your Care In our Opinion is ( PERFECTION PERSONIFIED ) It was my Pleasure to be a part of your Survey -May God Bless you always” (3/24/2015)

“The staff is terrific and so is the office.” (3/25/2015)

“I accidentally made an appointment for the current date online and it was just five minutes until closing when I arrived. They were as friendly and professional…and thorough as if my appt. was on a Monday morning not a Saturday night.” (3/25/2015)

“Keep up the good work” (3/24/2015)

“Everything was very professional. Don’t change anything.” (3/24/2015)

“I recently moved from Jacksonville back to Tampa and I would not hesitate to use the American Family Care in Tampa if the need ever occurs.” (3/24/2015)

“Excellent appointment- staff was very professional. I especially appreciated the attentiveness of the doctor I saw. He was particularly clear on an explanation of and the issues regarding my diagnosis and receptive to an alternative sequence of my treatment.  As a frequent visitor to Jacksonville, I particularly appreciate having this urgent care facility available. I have already recommended this urgent care to several acquaintances.” (3/24/2015)

“While I have a doctor, there are times she is unavailable. I have visited American Family Care on three occasions, and always had a good experience, especially the time I was diagnosed with Shingles by the Doctor who was thorough and concerned. He referred me to an ophthalmologist I should see immediately. I appreciate being able to go there and be taken care of.” (3/24/2015)

“I went in for a pre-employment drug screen. The entire experience, start to finish was prompt, professional, thorough and as pleasant as can be. Your desk staff greeted me warmly and saw to checking me in quickly.  There was about a 10 minute wait but your techs apologized for the wait, was not necessary at all! The tech was training a new hire at the time and explained every step as we went through them. They collected my sample and got me on my way quickly, wishing me the best of luck with my new job. I would DEFINITELY recommend this location to anyone seeking medical care in the future.” (3/23/2015)

“The staff was great!” (3/23/2015)

“I was very sick when I sought care in my local area. I do not have a primary care physician, and also do not currently have health insurance. I was treated very well, and felt my care was important, and that I was an important part of the staff’s day. I have just moved into this area, and would love it if primary care were offered at your facility. I was clearly impressed, and also was pleased to note that pricing was conveniently displayed. there were no surprises. That was also a pleasure. I will be here again. Thank you. It is a much needed health car4e alternative. For someone such as myself, with no health insurance, and very few ongoing health care needs, it would be ideal if primary care were offered. I was just relieved to get the medical treatment I needed in a friendly, timely fashion. It is exactly what health care should be!! No nonsense, no additional drama, just basic health care.” (3/23/2015)

“Everyone was great” (3/23/2015)

“Amazing experience!!!!! Fast and accurate!!!!!” (3/23/2015)

“American Family Care – Jacksonville, located on Atlantic Blvd in the Fresh Market shopping center is a great place to have on speed dial this time of year. They’re staff is amazing, they are fast, and the facility is very nice…They have been so good to all of us at Ludus Martial Arts, and they take especially good care of our Preston Parsons. Thank You, American Family Care – Jacksonville.”

“My visit was limited to pre employment drug screening for Comcast. However, the young lady at the welcome area was absolutely charming and attentive.  My wait time was very quick and when I was shown into the back I was attended to by your nurse.  She was very thorough with her instructions and was perfectly courteous. I cannot recall a better experience with any similar test I have taken. Your entire staff was excellent from top to bottom. I will definitely recommend your service to anyone that requires medical care in the future!’ (11/19/2014)

“Friendly staff, clean waiting room” (11/19/2014)

“Dr S was wonderful. Very thorough” (11/18/2014)

“The doctor was friendly, fast and accurate. There was no wait on a Saturday Morning. Great experience” (11/13/2014)

“The nurse who checked me in and took my vitals spent more time taking with me about my current health concerns and the injury I was there for than my regular Dr. I appreciated the level of concern and interest she showed in my health.” (11/12/2014)

I would like to thank you for the courteous, efficient and professional treatment I received during my visit to your office on Wednesday 10/29/2014. (Allergic reaction to unknown insect bite). I very much appreciated your no nonsense and speedy approach. I am responding well to the treatment and expect to be back to normal any day now. I was very impressed with the overall experience and I will tell my friends and clients about you. Thank you very much. (Handwritten note sent by patient 11/1/2014)

“I had to visit this office three times in less than two weeks for emergency care for my boys. It is in network and the first trip there I was skeptical about going to a walk-in clinic. This office put me at ease as they handled all three cases with knowledge and compassion. We saw Dr. G twice and Dr. S once – all three visits went well with prompt treatment, kindness and great interaction with the kids, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS OFFICE – do not fear a “walk in clinic” if going here – they are great and charges were accurate for our plan, which BTW, being new to FL I wasn’t even aware of the new plan and they knew everything!” (10/27/2014)

“Our family has used this facility for THREE emergencies in just a few weeks for my boys. (Baseball injury, slammed fingernail and stitches for a toddler,) After visiting and having all three dealt with in a professional and comforting manner, I have highly recommended the office to friends and neighbors. I must say, typically in the past I have avoided “Doc in the Box” offices like the plague! Not this one – the staff is friendly, the doctors are knowledgable, kind and great with kids! (Stitching a 2-year-old’s finger is NOT an easy task, but Dr. Smith was patient and kind while the little one screamed the whole time!) We have a family pediatrician but for off hour emergencies, being in network and not too far from home, we will return without hesitation! Thanks for changing my view on walk-in clinics!” (10/27/2014)

“Great visit keep the good work.  Outstanding service with a smile.” (10/22/2014)

“I was out of town visiting my in-laws and thought I had gotten strep throat. I found this clinic from the Tricare/Humana Military website. I went first thing in the morning and was seen quickly. The nurse was great and kept making us laugh. The doctor came quick and prescribed a z pack (as it turned out I didn’t have strep). The staff was very helpful, and since it was a Saturday, the front desk helped me get a referral from Tricare. Great clinic, highly recommend.” (10/18/2014)

“The staff was very kind and professional, I would highly recommend American Family Care – Jacksonville to family and friends” (10/16/2014)

“My grandson needed a school physical. The staff was very friendly. The nurse was nice and very entertaining to my grandson. The doctor was very nice as well. Thank you for making this a pleasant visit for the both of us. Keep up the good work!” (10/15/2014)

“Very satisfied. Was there for a DOT physical.” (10/14/2014)

“The staff treated my son very nice. The visit was quick efficient and cost effective” (2/21/2014)

“Add a patient queue monitor in the waiting area to see the number of patients in line and the approximate wait time. Add self check-in kiosks.”

“Very nice place. Everyone was professional and I would send my friends there. Thank you!” (2/21/2014)

“We were traveling to China and needed info. On shots needed, etc. the doctor was knowledgeable and friendly. The staff were great. We left comfortable and happy with our visit.” (2/20/2014)

“Hello. I came in on 2/9/14 for pre employment blood work. I just wanted to recognize your staff for their excellent services. I was beyond nervous about getting a shot and the nurse who helped me, Shelly, was calming and very nice. As well as your front desk person- she also was very nice. Your staff should get recognized more often for their terrific services. I hope not to need any shots in the future but if I do, I will come back to your office!” (2/13/2014)

“As an R.N. , I can be especially discerning when it comes to communicative staff. I feel they were great. Thank You.”(1/28/2014)

“I think these folks are terrific. i have been there several times over the past two years and each time I am more than satisfied. I have a personal physician but I use him rarely because these guys see me immediately.” (1/27/2014)

“Great staff and very convenient”(1/26/2014)

“I was from out of town, staying in Jacksonville for a conference, when I got sick. My wife found your information on the web. I am greatful that your group was open until 8 PM, which I thought very unusual, yet I can see that for working folks, this is the only time when they can come. I appreciate your group taking me in at the end of the day.” (1/25/2014)

“I have used this facility before and even though it is a good distance from my house, it is worth driving past other “express” type businesses. These folks are always professional and reliable.” Greg

“I thought it was a great facility, and the staff was very friendly and was happy that I was not made to wait a long time to be seen.” (1/16/2014)

“The nurses as I came into the room with very thorough – many tests and breathing tests and then the doctor came in and was good to lookg into my lung problems (terrible) and coughing and breathing. As I began to take the medicine — little by little, I began to feel a bit better. I have been prone to bronchitis problems and this was no exception. But, finally ( in about 4 days or so) I begin to get over my coughing. And when I got on the plane about a week later, I was much better. I went back mid-stream and was checked a bit more –Very good.” Nancy B

“I was helped quickly and I have a high opinion of the office. I felt cared for and was treated with excellent service. I greatly prefer this office to my own PCP” (9.24.2013)

“Dr. K took his time to explain fully and answer my questions warmly and was very knowledgable. He made me feel comfortable and was very professional and courteous ! He made me feel at ease and just took the time to explain things. Very knowledgable kind hearted man. Much respect to him!” (9/24/2013)

“They were very nice and was seen in a mannerly time. My son got better and glad to know that they are there. Thank you for your services. Most definitely will return when needed” (9/22/2013)

“I moved to this area 11 months ago… In the absence of an established doctor-patient relationship, I turned to American Family Care – Jacksonville (it helped that the office was a mere 5 minutes from my home!). :) I am a working mother of two so not only do I have no time for being sick, I typically need acute issues to be addressed quickly. However, I still want to know that I am being seen by qualified medical personnel who put me at ease, and listen to all of my concerns. I have been so happy with the service and care I have received at Doctor’s Express, that I have not looked elsewhere for medical care even once in these 11 months. I am so thankful to have them nearby and able to address my medical needs promptly. Everyone I have encountered has been professional, attentive, courteous, and so much more. Thank you!” (9/4/2013)

“I was in a lot of pain when I arrived. The staff was more than willing to assist me, offering wheelchair transport to the exam room. They were comforting and calming during my visit. I would highly recommend American Family Care over Emergency Rooms or other urgent care centers.” (9/4/2013)

“I was very pleased with my visit. Dr. S was very professional and kind”.(9/3/2013)

“Very impressed with the offices and staff! Made what could have been a miserable vacation experience into an “easy fix”. So glad we chose American Family Care for emergency treatment! Left a magnetic business card on the rental condo’s fridge “(8/14/2013)

“Just visited American Family Care – Jacksonville for the first time for a free skin exam . . . the Staff couldn’t have been nicer, and the whole experience went extremely well.” (6/21/2013)

“Compassion, talent and above and beyond service at its finest! Dr. P, Sherry and smiling Anthony set AFC apart from the rush and impersonality of far too many other medical providers. After going to a GP and a Specialist in my area of concern, I was still suffering and panicked I was doomed. Taking advantage of their evening hours I came in after work. Instantly, Anthony and Shelly put me at ease. Sherry went through my symptoms and history, herself offering not just medical training, but also personal experiences, instantly making me feel like I was talking with family. When Dr. P came to perform the examination he took the time to research each possibility, even the rarest, and determine the most advanced, up to date methods of treatment. His research and examination lead to a new potential problem source as well as a more modern, AND EFFECTIVE treatment plan. I am so impressed with this office that I plan to continue my treatment under their care and will bring any concern I have here first.****The quality of a professional is measured by their skill and effectiveness, to which this team has excelled at achieving. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AFC , particularly this team, not only if you have an urgent emergency, but also if you need quality care urgently!!!!****** (Yelp Review 6/16/2013 – 5 stars)

“I was visiting my son in Jacksonville when I got myself into trouble (infection in my face) I was very please to see that I could go to an emergency clinic and get some help. Not only did they check and took care of my infection they check my sugar and to my surprise my sugar was way to high. “I did not know that sugar can go up when their is an infection in the body. They make sure that I understood everything so I can take care of myself till I come back home and go visit my own doctor. Thank you for you good care. Sincerely yours.” (6/7/2013)

“I did not visit the Doctor because I was simply doing a drug testing for employment, however, everyone was very friendly. They were extremely thorough in explaining the procedures and process. The facility is very immaculate and that is one thing I really appreciated.” (6/6/2013)

“Outstanding staff, treatment, and facility. The best urgent care center in Jacksonville by far. I highly recommend American Family Care” (6/2/2013)

“Dr. L and staff were thorough and respectful. The prescriptions knocked out my bronchitis/pneumonia in a week.” (6/3/2013)

“I am a Provider Relations Coordinator for a Medical management company. Our injured worker reported to us that the care she received from American Family Care – Jacksonville was absolutely phenomenal. Thank you for the excellent care and service.”

“I am on Medicare. My back hurt because I bumped against something. My doctor couldn’t see me for 2 days and I was worried and hurt. My daughter took me to American Family Care – Jacksonville. The people are very nice there. I had to get an X-ray and the nurse was very good. I found out I have two broken ribs. The doctor was very kind to me and gave me good advice. I am getting better. I have told my neighbors about how good American Family Care – Jacksonville is and will tell other people too.”

“The staff was really nice and helpful! That’s something I truley appreciate when I’m not feeling well.”

“I usually go to another walk-in but because of the wait, decided to try American Family Care – Jacksonville. It was a wonderful experience. I have the flu,:( but the treatment minimized my discomfort to 1 1/2 days. It’s remarkable. I am so glad I found a new place to go. So grateful for the attention and compassion.”

“I had just arrived in Jacksonville to visit my daughter. The infection in my eye was getting worse. She drove me to “American Family Care”; which I had never heard of. Here I was, in another State, sick and nervous. When we walked in we were greeted in the most wonderful way by the gentlemen at the desk. He was so kind and patient. Then I was introduced to Dr. S, who took care of me. He could not have been more informative, helpful. He diagnosed my eye problem we had the prescription filled. WOW** In another State, uncertain of what to do** My thoughts were; why do we not have “American Family Care” in Ma.; why are the offices and emergency rooms at home, not this warm and caring? To feel at ease in an office, out of state was a blessing; to be put at ease, knowing everything would be taken care of and that the rest of my visit would be joyous because of the care I received was remarkable. Thank you, Thank you, all of you.”

“I did not see a doctor on my visit but the rest of the staff was very friendly and help full. Thank you” (9/23/2014)
“We are visiting this area for a few weeks and I had a flair up of the gout I used the internet to find a urgent care near me and selected you folks after reading some positive reviews. I was seen in a timely manner both visits the meds I was prescribed has worked I needed a follow up because I still had some discomfort after first meds were used up second visit seems to have worked out to my satisfaction so far and I hope all will be good at least till I get back to AZ and can see my reg doctor I was very pleased with your care facility, thanks.” (9/24/2014)