Do you take my insurance?  We participate with most insurance carriers, including Medicare and Tricare.

How much is a typical visit?  For insured patients, we collect your deductible and/or your co-pay at the time of service, and then bill your insurer for you.  After your insurer sends an EOB (explanation of benefits) to us, American Family Care will bill you for any balance still due.

How much will the visit cost if I have no insurance?  We have an affordable program available depending upon treatment required or complexity of condition.  Our physicians and staff keep you informed and involve you in decisions.   Major credit cards, cash or checks are accepted.

Do I have to make an appointment?  You can walk-in during our normal business hours and be seen by a physician without a long wait.

What Type of Medical Treatment do you provide?  We specialize in fast and effective physician care, for most non-life threatening conditions due illness or injury, as well as preventive care, travel medicine,  initial auto injury and occupational medicine services.  We provide extended hours, seven days a week, with a COLA certified laboratory, state of the art digital x-ray, splints & braces and vaccines.  Prescription medications are available for patient convenience.  However, if you have a life-threatening condition or emergency, you should always call 911 and seek a hospital ER.

Do you perform physicals? We can do sports, camp, school physicals, annual physicals, wellness and fitness exams and dive physicals. Our physicians and staff are experienced in handling pre-employment and professional licensing exams such as USCG/Coast Guard Maritime physicals,  police or firefighter.  Our physicians are DOT physical certified.

Do you do sports and camp physicals?  What if we need it done right away?  Yes, no need to worry.  Walk in when it is convenient for you.  If there is a required form, please bring that with you.

Do you perform pre-operative physicals?  Yes, our physicians can perform physicals needed prior to surgery.    Typically these require a history, physical exam, and may include an EKG and/or Chest Xray.   You can walk-in without an appointment.

Do you treat STDs? Yes, our physicians will consult with you, test and treat.  Testing is affordably priced. We treat your medical information with a high degree of confidentiality and discretion.

Do you offer travel immunizations? Yes, please click here to learn more about our Travel Medical Program.

How much do specific vaccines cost?  The cost of each vaccine is different. You will be contacted by our medical team after you submit the Travel Vaccination Questionnaire, and they will let you know the cost of each vaccine.

Do you treat Auto Injuries?  New Florida laws require that if you are involved in an auto accident that you seek treatment within 14 days of accident by a physician.  A physician assessment is required to determine PIP benefit level.   Our physicians will assess,  treat and provide recommendations for follow up care. However, if you are injured in an auto accident and have a life-threatening condition, you should always call 911 and seek a hospital ER.

Do you treat allergies?  We provide treatments that can alleviate common allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, runny noses, etc.  Also, we provide nebulizer treatments for when allergies trigger asthma.