Seasonal Flu Shots in Jacksonville & Atlantic Beach, FL

Have you been vaccinated for the flu this year?  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends everyone 6 months and older to remain up-to-date on flu shots.  Influenza (the Flu) is a serious illness affecting millions of Americans, of which about 250,000 are hospitalized each year.  Of those, about 36,000 people, mostly over age 65, die each year from complications.  Getting an annual flu vaccine will protect you against three influenza viruses that researchers suggest will be most common during each season.

Occasional side effects do occur from the flu vaccine but are very rare.  In the case that side effects do surface, it will happen within minutes to a few hours after receiving the shot; this may involve soreness and/or swelling in your arm or cold-like symptoms.  It is key to keep in mind that the benefits of getting a flu shot far outweigh the risk of the flu shot side effects.  Take preventative steps to protect your health, visit AFC Urgent Care Jacksonville before you or a loved one get sick.