doctorEvery May, the Urgent Care Association of America celebrates the contributions that urgent care centers and their providers have brought to their community. The overall purpose of National Urgent Care Awareness Month is to raise awareness concerning the benefits of urgent care and how it brings convenience and affordability to areas previously resigned to visiting the ER for sudden injuries and illnesses.

American Family Care in Jacksonville, FL would also like to highlight how not every brand of urgent care is necessarily equal, as our center offers the same walk-in accessibility of other urgent care centers, but with a far more extensive list of services. From the day we opened, our number one goal was helping our center become a go-to resource for the residents of Jacksonville, FL. Now, we believe we’ve succeeded in establishing our center as an ideal bridge between the ER and primary care physician’s office.

Why Choose Urgent Care Over the ER?

If you or somebody in your family experiences a sudden injury or illness, your first instinct would be to visit the ER. Yet, moving forward, ask yourself these questions: is the condition life-threatening? If not, do I want to spend all day in a waiting room? Can I afford the expensive ER co-pay?

While the ER is vital for treating life-threatening conditions, the experience is invariably inconvenient, and often excessively expensive. Therefore, for non-life-threatening conditions, your best bet is to visit an urgent care center. At American Family Care – Jacksonville, your wait will typically be under one hour and we guarantee our board-certified physicians have the necessary experience to deliver ER-quality treatment, but at just a fraction the cost.

American Family Care accepts most health insurances, resulting in a visit to our center costing one-fifth of what a visit to the ER would cost for the same service. We also offer self-pay pricing options, allowing patients without health insurance to receive affordable and high-quality medical care.

Why Choose Urgent Care Over a Primary Care Physician?

What’s best about the primary care physician’s office is that there’s low-stress, family friendly atmosphere. Your primary care physician treats you like a person, while a doctor at the ER may treat you like an assignment. However, your primary care physician is likely overbooked, which makes it difficult for you to see them on short notice. In most cases, this then leaves you with no options besides either waiting weeks in advance or visiting the ER.

But for everyday medical services, like bringing your child in for a sports physical, the ER isn’t an option, so you then have to schedule an appointment and wait for who-knows-how-long. Unfortunately, if your child’s sports program begins in a week, and their appointment isn’t for two weeks, your child has to miss out on valuable time they could have been participating in sports. Yet here at American Family Care, we conveniently offer everyday services like sports physicals on a walk-in basis, allowing your child to be ready on day one of their sports season.

For more information, call us at 904.221.9110 or walk into our center today. We look forward to helping you better understand the benefits of urgent care during Urgent Care Awareness Month!